LocNutri™ Technology
Preserves nutrient. Easy digestion for stronger inside.

Friso Gold with LocNutri™ technology preserves nutrient in its native structure.


Preserving the best nutrient for your child

Foods are often processed with high heat and as a result, the natural structure of proteins gets damaged or destroyed. The same goes for milk formula. Once proteins are damaged, they are not easily absorbed by the intestines and may cause your child to suffer from indigestion, colic, constipation and general stomach discomfort.

LocNutri™ technology was designed to eliminate this problem. This technology uses mild heat treatment during the formula production process, so that proteins are preserved closer to their native structures. It helps the nutrient to be easily absorbed by the body. Proteins play an important role in muscle, skin and hair production. It also supports the immune system and aids in antibody production, keeping your little ones safe from the inside out.


Our new LocNutri™ Technology

Friso Gold with LocNutri™ technology preserves nutrient. Nutrient in its native structure is easy to digest. This is why Friso Gold’s LocNutri™ technology uses mild heat treatment during the formula production process to preserve the nutrient.

When your child has good digestion, he will be stronger from the inside, thus allowing him to explore more on the outside with you.


Build a stronger inside, so he learns better outside.

Your child is constantly exposed to new and exciting things in the world and we want to make the most out of their discovery years. A healthy digestive system means that your child is less stressed and will have more energy and spirit to enjoy all kinds of activities with you. After all, it’s really the little things in life that matter the most.

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