Morinaga Milk Powder

Morinaga has a long history in Malaysia and was the first Japanese milk formula sold in this country. The formula was introduced in Malaysia back in 1968 and has been providing high quality nutrition to at least 3 generations in Malaysia. Today, Morinaga is pleased to introduce the company’s latest, well- researched product – Morinaga Chil-kid, a growing-up formula for children one year and above.


Nutritious Formula for Growth

The new Morinaga Chil-kid is improved with mild vanilla and less sweet, making the formula more oishi! Morinaga Chil-kid provides a formula which has an appropriate supply of nutrients for supporting growth & development of child.

Morinaga Chil-kid also contains essential nutrients such as GOS, AA DHA, Nucleotides, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and C, Folic Acid, Taurine, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Selenium that supports your child’s growth.


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