Quality of Formulation

The formulation of Novalac’s range of products has been entrusted to a multidisciplinary team made up of pediatricians, chemists, nutrition specialists and process engineering specialists.

The aim of the Novalac team is to propose effective dietetic solutions to different situations that can be encountered during the first year of life and to assure comfort and optimal growth at the same time.

For each clinical situation, thorough analysIs of physiological and psychopathologicalprocesses are performed by our multidisciplinary team in order to base our Novalac formulas on the most updated scientific findings.

Novalac’s high quality products provide specially adapted responses to most babies’ digestive discomforts.

The entire Novalac range is in line with the European and International regulations for infant formulas and health preparations. Novalac range is already available in many countries around the world. Thus, Novalac contributes to the healthy development of millions of children from all different walks of life.

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