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The Goodness of Pure Natural Milk

Children require well-balanced nutrition to support their rapid physical growth and mental development during their early childhood. At the same time, maintaining a healthy digestive system and building a strong immune system are equally important.

Brimming with the goodness and taste of pure natural milk, Megmilk Snow Brand Premium Growing-Up Milk helps meet important aspects of your child’s growth. Megmilk Snow Brand Step 3 Neo Kid-Plus is specially formulated for children between one and three, while Step 4 Super Neo Kid-Plus is for children four years and over. Both contain:


Sphingolipids, fortified with Sphingomyelin

and Gangliosides

  • Play key roles in enhancing brain function, mental development, learning ability and memory formation

  • Regulate cell growth and are important for cell recognition, cell signaling and cell communication

  • Enhance gastrointestinal maturation and health

  • Protect against bacterial toxins and infection

  • Aid in regulating cholesterol and may even help reduce the risk of colon cancer


DHA, ARA, SA & Choline

  • Important for brain, visual, neural and immune system development

  • Aid memory formation and performance

  • Help increase learning ability

5 Types of Nucleotides

  • Help increase levels of DHA and ARA in the body

  • Help improve memory and learning ability

  • Help build a healthy immune system


  • Ensures optimal brain health and function

  • Essential for growth, maturing and proper function of cells

  • Help maintain digestive health

Oligosaccharide (Galactosyllactose)

  • Promotes growth of Bifidobacteria in the intestines for healthy digestive system

  • Helps reduce constipation


In addition, extensive research by independent nutritionists suggest that Sphingolipids play a role in regulating cholesterol and may even help reduce the risk of colon cancer


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